Kansas Trip 2003

So here we are!

The battle cry of a new day of herpin’. We got off work on Friday and prepared for the trek down to Kansas. Friday would be travel day and we would get to our destination in Kansas City about 7:00 pm We would then ready ourselves for a week of fun and adventures in herpetology as we wandered about Kansas inciting people to ask "You’re looking for WHAT??" and going boldly where plenty of others had gone before. We only hoped luck and weather would be on our side. We have a few good places to start with from last year, and hopefully we will do OK. We shall see.....

5/3/03 - Wabaunsee County, Kansas

5/4/03 - Wabaunsee & Potawatamie Counties, Kansas

5/5/03 - Russell & Barton Counties, Kansas

5/6/03 - Barber County, Kansas

5/7/03 - Barber County, Kansas, Major County, Oklahoma

5/8/03 - Barton County, Kansas

5/9/03 - Linn, Miami and Johnson Counties, Kansas & Cass County Missouri

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