Herpjournal Disclaimer:

We are lifelong enthusiasts with over 40 years field experience and amateur training collectively, but we are not professionals.

Do not rely solely on this or any other website pictures for reptile identification. If you are unsure of the identification of a species - especially in regards to venomous or potentially dangerous species - leave them alone. Without proper training or experience there can be severe consequences. You can still enjoy and appreciate these species from a distance.

Common and scientific names can change, and as such, some of the information on this site could be inconsistent, incorrect or outdated at times. We do our best to provide accurate and up-to-date information. Genus/species names will be used at times based on location, integradation and other factors.

We support and adhere to an observation/catch and release method for our level of field study. If you are interested in a pet reptile or amphibian, most species are available from captive breeders. If you leave animals in the wild you will have subjects for future expeditions.

We make every effort to cause as little disturbance to habitat as possible. There is a reason the animals have chosen the spot they live in. Always remember to respect and maintain the habitat. If you turn rocks or other cover, return them to their original position, don’t tear things up, etc.

Adhere to rules, regulations and laws in the areas you are looking in. Restrictions and laws are there to protect the animals, even if they seem unfounded. In some areas studies are being conducted and disturbances can be detrimental to the study groups or breeding populations. Broken laws reflect poorly on the hobby.

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