Trip Details

Herpers: Austin Scharosch, Jim Scharosch

Location: Buchanan County, Iowa

Time: 4:00 pm

Temp/Conditions: Partly cloudy,about 55 degrees.

I was dying to get out and flip some rocks, so Austin and I hopped in the truck and headed out to a local spot in Buchanan County. It was cold but sunny, and I guess I didn't really care if we found anything. I just wanted to get out. As we approached the rock pile, I told Austin to look around and make sure there wasn't anything laying out that we might spook under the rocks. Just then he spotted a Garter Snake and we grabbed it. It was skinny and dirty, looking like it had just come up from it's winter sleeping spot. Austin was happy to have snagged the first snake of the year though.

We turned rocks and didn't find anything else until we were just getting ready to leave. I turned a rock and found another Garter Snake. It looked almost the same as the other one.

We didn't find much, but it was nice to get out and get the year started. Next week, the Snake Road!

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