Trip Details

Location: Linn County, Iowa

Conditions: Sunny with temps in low seventies

Time: 10 am

Herpers: Austin Scharosch, Jim Scharosch

Austin and I decided to make a quick run to a spot where we had turned up some milk snakes in the past. We hadn't seen much there this year, only turning up one juvenile milk there a few weeks ago. The temperature seemed right and we thought it might be worth a check.

It wasn't long before I turned up the first snake, a nice adult Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum).

It was a pretty snake, with big, deep red blotches and wide black borders. The ground color was really light. I thought this might be one of the nicest milks I have ever found in eastern Iowa.

Not long after that, Austin turned up another milk. This one was really dark, with almost no hint of red.

It was a really strange looking snake, but pretty cool in its own way. It also was a good sized adult.

A couple minutes after that I found the last milk.

This one was a lot smaller, maybe eighteen inches long. It was going into shed so I didn't work very hard to get photos. It was found in an part of this location where we had not seen snakes before, so we learned something new about this spot.

It was a nice quick stop with a couple of cool snakes!

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