Trip Details

Location: Linn County, Iowa

Weather: 68 degrees, clear skies, light winds

Time: 9:30 AM

Herpers: Jim Scharosch

Account by: Jim Scharosch

Photos by: Jim Scharosch

Had a very busy day ahead but I wanted to get out and look for bullsnakes for a little while. Didn't have any luck with them, but I went on a little backroad cruise after and found an Ornate Box Turtle (Terrapene ornata) crossing a gravel road.

In most parts of their range this is a pretty common occurance, but in Linn County they are not very common. I believe it is only the second one I have seen in the county, and I have lived there my entire life! It was a runner, and wouldn't slow down for pics until I picked it up, then it wouldn't come out of it's shell after that. Anyway, I released him along the road in the grass.

On the way home I stopped at a rocky area that I frequent and found this small Milk Snake (Lampropeltis triangulum).

It was about eighteen inches in length.

That was it for the day. Gotta get home and mow the lawn!

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