2013 Trips:

A Letter of Apology

As anyone who has followed this website (or even those just checking out the different years) knows, we had very little posted for 2013. Though we are up-to-date now, I wanted to take a quick moment to note that the responsibility for the delay is mine. I won't make up any excuses; suffice to say I will not let this happen in the future.

Thanks for your patience and keep on checking us out and herpin!

Matt Ricklefs

4-26-13 - Benton County, Iowa


5-7-13 - Jackson County, Iowa

5-14-13 - Benton and Linn Counties, Iowa

5-15-13 - Jackson County, Iowa

5-18-13 - Madison County, Iowa and Harrison County, Missouri

5-19-13 - Eastern Kansas

6-1-13 - Delaware and Jackson Counties, Iowa

7-1-13 - Minnesota

7-2-13 - Minnesota

7-3-13 - Minnesota

7-11-13 - Jackson County, Iowa

9-16-3 - Jackson County, Iowa

9-20-13 - Linn County, Iowa

9-29-13 - Jackson County, Iowa

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